by TyRant!

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Kaio Ken was Goku's first step to becoming stronger.
This is my first step to something better. Ascension.
Produced, Recorded, Mastered by Jae*


Awoken from my cryo sleep, I flow and flow aimlessly
I wonder off and ponder off into the depths of sanity
It's blasphemy, well actually, it's actually, nothing


Not something for pretentious dicks
I rhyme 4 lines of college kids
The ones with straws and silly lids
The ones who fuck with rabbit trix

That kid is most unusual, his flow is off, the usual
He needs an institutional, doctor called it constitutional
So call the cowboy sheriff in, we've got a wild Indian
He's going off, he's rowing off , he's running for the hills again
He mixed the jet, mentats and chems. Inject a stim
It's kicking in, it's kick to win
I roundhouse the competition, opposition
Your position, fuck it all.
Fuck trump, fuck the wall
Fuck division, fuck it all
Unite them all, the "savages"
Apache kids and Mexicans
Next of kins and Africans
Unite to win, win the war
Then lose a war to drugs again


I mix the beat, mix the rhyme
Mix the drinks and add a lime
Check the time, it's 5 o clock
Time to rock, no time to talk
I walk the walk so take a seat
Skip a beat, admit defeat,
Fix the leaks, fix the flow
Catch you at the next show

Reel em in, reel em in
Sealing Jutsu seal em in

Release the beast, release the fox
I Kaio Ken and judo chop
So release the mop, clean the mess
Study for the next test

Free your mind, don't copy mine, study better next time
Free your mind, don't copy mine, study better next time


released August 6, 2017
Written by Me, TyRant
Recorded, Produced, Mastered by jaeztrax.bandcamp.com



all rights reserved


TyRant! Arizona

I am TyRant, from the Navajo Nation. I write rhymes and love fresh beets. My music originally started as poetry, as a way to express myself and vent emotions after dealing with depression and everything bad. I make music for the outcasted individual, the loner, the person struggling to get through their day. I hope my music finds a way to you and that it might help someone, somewhere. Good Day! :) ... more

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