Sentimental Value

by TyRant!

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Old Songs I wrote in my younger years while dealing with the bad side of life, these beats helped me to express the way I felt about certain things in my life, if it weren't for these beets, I'd be lost right now. I don't know all the producers because my younger sister would just send me beets and tell me to give them a listen, years went by and the writing started. I dedicate this to everyone dealing with problems no matter what they may be and where they are from, Life can be hard sometimes and we all need a little music in our lives, I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for whatever happens next :)


released April 6, 2017



all rights reserved


TyRant! Arizona

I am TyRant, from the Navajo Nation. I write rhymes and love fresh beets. My music originally started as poetry, as a way to express myself and vent emotions after dealing with depression and everything bad. I make music for the outcasted individual, the loner, the person struggling to get through their day. I hope my music finds a way to you and that it might help someone, somewhere. Good Day! :) ... more

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Track Name: Adolescence
Well the day was hella stressful and the night got even worse
I'm no stranger to the pain, hell I call the shit a curse
Because it comes around, more then often
I'll smoke that spliff of haze and lay down in my coffin
In the darkest regions of my mind is where I find myself
I'm just trying to spread the word, I'm not worried about the wealth
shit, I'm struggling with my health, trying to find myself some sleep
I've been laying awake 4 hours after my 3rd attempt to eat
I'm a problem filled insomniac, I popped a pill, bought a pack
Lent my dreams to a friend, yet she hasn't brought em back

It's that daily dose of venom
that's pumped into my stream
You think you've heard it once
but this you've never seen

Yo, I'm something else, I'm something from the sewers
Not something for the winners, this is something for the losers
Something for your problems, in hopes that you may solve em
I wield the liquid swords to slay your fuckin goblins
And stand atop the bodies of all the feeling overcome
Just thank your weary allies, be happy that it's done
Well the battles been won but the war's not nearly over
These skirmishes go on, until the day we're older
When you can help to solve a problem, offer up a shoulder
Just find and wrap that blanket, on someone who is colder

I'ts that daily dose of venom that's pumped into my stream
It was pumped into my stream, it was pumped into my stream
It's that daily dose of venom that's pumped into my stream
It was..

Yo, I may not believe in god but does this mean that I am bad?
He just wasn't there for me like my alcoholic dad
Or the drunken mess my mother so I cried, I wept alone
All the violence was domestic, call my grandma on the phone
So I had to grow up fast, rarely had the chance to laugh
To teach my siblings right and lead em down a better path
It's the same stereotypes that I love to lay to rest
I'll inhale all the good shit and let the problems off my chest
I'm a rebel for a cause, here to vanquish all the bandirs
Conjure up a shadow squad, as protector of the planets
Track Name: ShapeShift
Dedication, Emperor Shang Tsung here to take your nation
Invasion, Of the nether realms, With a quick 1, 2, remove the helms
Victorious, desist the myth, Sir, the master jedi becomes the sith
It's oblivious, tsk tsk, she hissed, but excuse me miss?
My name is Ty, I journey from afar, just passing by, but you caught my eye
I must admit, a flame once dead, once again is lit
Like a fable tale, this love for you
A poet's words spoken, in thought of you
On a quest for love, to make you mine
To vanquish foes if you find it kind
So if you find the time, Please message me back
If you find the time, please write back
And if you've moved on, please postcard back
back to back, back, back, back... back
Please bring her back, the bounty read
A life time's gold for the serpents head
Up the mountain path, for my final quest
To test my skills against the supposed best
"In peace you'll never rest", said a voice from above
"If you challenge me, You'll kill your one true love"
Enough was said when it revealed itself
I lunged forward quick with no care for health
A transformation, when I took the head
The love I once knew, here now, lay dead
Track Name: NightMare
Another night I can't sleep, I fear I gotta fight
whatever comes around when I turn off the lights
my angels and demons take the form of cats and dogs
while my body is asleep, my mind is thrown into the bogs
my dreams are adversaries, to who I gotta bow
so prepare for attack when you hear the cats meow

it's a never ending maze, through which I've gotta crawl
beware the foot traps, steel spikes beneath the fall
the draugr walk the halls with a whole skeever swarm
I run for my life when the lycans take form
you see it my eyes, I possess the Sharingan
if I wake from my sleep, I know that I have won

I calmed the nine tail beast with the blade from the east
the drew the last straw with the krakens release
I'll venture from the southwest to the foreign lands
to free the peoples mind from the propaganda's hands
liquid swords cut restraints, atomic words vape the others
when they come, no escape, so stay beneath your covers


The samurai's back, with a couple new attacks
release ninja like jutsu with these venomous tracks
inject the serum to your head and call it Anti Venom
corroding concrete thoughts and your fabric like denims
to the graveyard, send em, in a shiny black hearse
so when i spit this verse, there's no reverse

I'm the dragon from the south, monster of the north
sitheous Ty from the dark side of the force
rob your apple core of it's nutrients
with one false swipe, I'll remove your fence
shit gets intense when I'm in your territory
rob your inventory, that's the story

Descend upon the land, amongst the falling rain
assassin of the brain, the beast you'll never tame
from the fiery planes of the nether realm
I'll control your metal with magneto's helm
another soul entrapped with the last attack
but before you go, rewind it back

Another night I can sleep, no need to run or fight
nothing came around when I turned off the light
my angels & demons took the form of cats and dogs
but tonight I sleep, mind free from the bogs
my dreams were adversaries to whom I had to bow
but prepare for defeat when you hear the cats Meow
Track Name: Self Harm
I'm at a loss of words, I missed the pitcher pitching curves
Wreck the house like angry birds and roll a swish, calm my nerves
And call the cat to kill the mouse and grab the gas to douse myself
Strike the match, help me out, scream and shout "Don't put me out"
Ahhh! I'm Kidding, I'm zombified living
I'm undead, I feel dead, somehow I'm still living
I'm giving up, I'm giving in, I mix the potion, pour the gin
Empty grins, depression wins, lost again, distraught again
In the web I'm caught again, so kill the spider, set me free
Let me free to make believe, make believe you're here again
Minus another friend, I sit alone and grip the pen
Message sent, there's no response
Scroll your pics, your smile haunts, Me!

I burned too many brain cells down
To be worried about a brain cell now
ohhh no, I burned too many brain cells down
down, down, down, down, down

I'm at a loss, there's no response
re read the paper, change the fonts
I'm MIA in MLA but the paper said APA
APA? yo, what is that?
I think I saw a puddytat
Fake laughs, wrist slaps, hands off, you got that?
Ask me I got that, I don't rap, I do rhymes
I wrap aluminum, sell dimes and change the channel to good times
Roll the green, pass the hope, rinse my mouth with a bar of soap
Grandma said "help, they won't" know now they won't
Still hope they do, write another song, mention you
Mention "us" though now we're through
Lonely thoughts they tear me through
Why we're done, give ,me a clue
ohhh shit, nevermind, my mistake, you're doin fine
I'm doing worse, lift the curse, you made it worse and then dispersed
Please re imburse, please re emerge
I'll hibernate, on my mistakes
Wait for you, then re awake
Contemplate the need to take, the need to mate
The need to hate, the needs at stake
Was it Fate? Was it Fake? or was it, Great?

I burned too many brain cells down
To be worried about a brain cell now
ohhhh, No
I burned too many brain cells down
down, down, down, down, down...
Track Name: Your Love
Your love struck me, your love trapped me
Your love's something, ohhh so deadly
Your love comes quick, I'm at the end of it,
Ship, I'm sinking fast, please help me quit
Swimming, Swimming, won't you give up, sink
Your winning, winning, I lost, I'll drink
I'll Smoke my weed, I'll drink my gin
I'll hope to god, someday I'll win
Your love back for me and back from him
And back to you, it's your boy TyRant
Your lookin hella fine, love to make you mine
Come with me and get a taste of wine
In Paris, France, Then Italy
It'll be you and me, forever we be
Track Name: Flowers
I'll bring you flowers girl, here's one for you
Don't need to change the world if I can change your views of me
You can like my posts, like, like, like
Let me take you out, now that I'd like
Thumbs up, comment, they shared it twice
Late night talk, ask for advice
You're so nice, you're so nice, I gotta say it twice
Thrice, what's that, once more, four more kisses
Sweet like chocolate Mr's fields cookies
In the morning, when I'm snoring
You send me good morning wishes
Use the wishes, for a couple good night kisses
Tell me what feeling is this? do you feel this?
I'm looking for everything listed, ohhh my how I've missed it
I hurt myself and you kissed it better
So when you say it's cold you can wear my sweater
You can wear my sweater, you can wear my hat
Looks better on you as a matter of facts
"You wear so much black" they wonder why,
they wonder why, so I tell em why
The world's a dark place, gotta care for yourself
They only care for themselves, only care for their wealth
Loved ones died, don't carry myself, the same anymore
So I toast to you, cuz this one's for
This one's for, this one's for
This one's for you,
And this one's for you
And this one's for..
It's four in the morning, I'm still up
Still chasing the dream, go and fill my cup
Ms. Jane in the air, came and twirled her hair
Came and twirled her hair, said she liked the snare
Blow an O in the air, don't mean to stare
Don't mind the smoke, she don't even care
She might take a toke if the feeling's right
If the feeling's right, she might like, to hit the lights
Go and hit the lights, go and hit the lights
Go and hit the lights, go and hit the lights
Go and hit the lights, go and hit the lights
Track Name: In-Dependence
It starts like this and it starts like that
Find me in the grass like a rattata
It goes like this, it goes like that
Start the next battle and reverse my hat
Yo that cat in the hat is not so bad
But I know rap is one bad fad
Set my eyes on the mic and away I grab
Dab, dab, dab, dabble my thoughts
Unscrew the locks, Pandora's box
Is open, it's open, I'm hopin, I'm copin
With all the shit that you left me with
I'm sick, fuckin sick of it all
Nothing left to do, give up, withdraw
Withdraw, Withdraw,
Withdraw from, Life

Alienate myself, that's why I hate myself
Declining health, everything's gone south
I think I'll migrate south, avoid the storm
Mourn my loss, forever forlorn
One heart torn, doc stitch me up
Jane lift me up, Jack fill my cup
I'm empty, I'm empty, I'm empty

This emptiness that I feel inside
I'll roll it all up and go for a ride
To get high, to get high
To get high by myself
Hah! there's none for you, there's more for me
Sweet jane dress so lovely
To comfort me when I'm uncomfortable
Southern comfort till my cup is full
I'm full of this, I'm full of that
You're full of shit, I'm a fool for that
Rude, rat pack, and a quarter sack
Rewind it back, I miss you, Fact
Or Fiction, was it? a fairy tale
Romeo & Juliet doomed to fail
Titanic struck, I'm dicaprio
And empty fifth of Jack, just let me go
Please let me know, should I stay or go?
You said no Ty, please. Don't let go
Don't let go, don't let go
Don't let go.. Then you let me go
So forget you I guess, I'm doing fine
You're a glass of wine, I'm a cup of gin
I'll never win, I"ll try my best
Make an educated guess, You'll fix everything
I'll make another mess, I'll fail another test, I'll fail another quest
I'm a failure, sight starts to blur, voice starts to slur, skin starts to fur
Ninja Ninja, Lycanthrope
Light it up and toke, Light it up and choke
Light it up, light it up and disappear into the smoke
Track Name: Wake Up! (it's just a dream)
Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up
Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up
Wake up, Wake up, Wake up..

Wake up, bake up, got your girl half naked, sleepin in my bed
I'm shaking her to wake up
Wake up, get dressed
Hold up, get undressed
One time, Two times, Three times, You look fine
Let's kill time, a fourth time, let's rewind, you like rhymes?
Bet you don't, message me, call me back, bet you won't
Know you won't, feel the same, bet you don't
That's okay, she said maybe, someday
Someday? someday, I suppose
When is that? I'll never know
The way I feel, she'll never know
Ohhh, I'm sorry though
You're just a friend, not my type
I'm sandshrew, you're magnemite
We don't attract, is that a fact?
If i asked you that, would you write me back?
I'm sorry Ty, you're not the guy
I'd say you are, but that's a lie
Sorry though, suprise, suprise
Saw it there within your eyes
The way you smile, wave your hair
The perfect dream to my Nightmare
I'm shaking up! Yo Ty! Wake Up!!
Wake up, Wake up, Wake up
Wake up.....
Track Name: A Day In The Life
I woke up this morning with a smile on my face
I took a shot of vodka, don't even need a chase
Rub my face again, yo, you need to wake up
Grind my weed down, yo, I need to bake up
Got the orange juice in my glass and I'm rushing off to class
But I've missed another week, I don't think I'm gonna pass
You fuckin stupid ass, just pass the glass of whiskey
It's barely passed nine, already half passed tipsy
Turn my music up as I stroll onto campus
Christmas is coming but St.Nick has turned to Krampus
I'm doing the praying mantis, Yo, Please help me god
I'll stop with all the bullshit, stop calling you a fraud
So help me, help me, get through the year
December's almost over and there's so much to fear
Another new year, time to change the course and plan
I'll take to the stage and bring my fuckin band
It'll be "NameLess, NameLess" throughout the land
The FameLess, FaceLess, Invisible Man
So I ran, ran, ran. I ran to the mic
Another short day, another long night
She said you know you can't stop, or fight the feeling
Although you may try, you'll never find the meaning
There's no meaning in between the lines
So check yourself and I'll check the rhymes
Because you'll wreck yourself in your search for wealth
In my search for myself, I lost myself
I'm someone else now, can't really say I like him
He's wearing human clothes, underneath lies a Lycan-thropic
Misanthropic, now you know it keep your distance
Of this, I am insistent, they say my music sucks, I know it's inconsistent
But if you didn't get the point, I think you might've missed it
You missed once, ohhh no you missed twice
If you miss the third, just grab the glass of ice
And pour the feelings in, rewind the song back
Light your cigarette and lay your head back
I'll write you a message, should I press send?
I know I want you, but you say, I'm just, a friend

You got what I need
But you say I'm just a friend
But you say I'm just a friend
Track Name: When My Light Fades Out
When my light fades out, would she pout?
Would she scream? shout? that shit I doubt
She'd probably laugh and say, I"m glad he's gone
Twas a tragic day, probably found someone

My thoughts of home, just aren't the same
Since you came and left, yes, I'm to blame
For everything, at least I think so
Memories in my head,a reminiscent glow

From my younger years, nights end in tears
Grip the bottle at the neck and reminisce the years
When you were just a friend, send the notes back and forth
Used the black ink pen, Dark side of the force

Yo, it's Ty the Sith, no, it's not a myth
I'll turn the kraken to an empty fifth
Heart of emptiness, messenger of death
Steered off the right path, veered off to the left

At the intersection of misdirection
I was guided by, my reflection
In my position, it was never addition
I'm a product of, long division

Grew up with The Clan! Notorious!
Rancid! Misfits! It was glorious
Now it's Days n Daze! I'm a Stupid Henchman!
Down with the Night Gaunts! Bow to The Devlin!

Sip Forty Ounces! With the Business Fairy!
Then, Pat The Bunny! When Thoughts are scary
No Cops For Miles! But I think I'm gonna crash
Home life is a drag and I've got No Ca$h!

Smoke a cigarette for every problem
Because no one's here to help me solve em
But even when they were, I would never talk
Till the cap screws loose on that fifth he bought

I'm everything I said I'd never be
Failed at everything, I tried to be
Seems the pendulum swings have hypnotized me
I'm afraid to lose you, but you're done with me

My apologies for everything
What's a king minus his loving queen
A drunken fool trying to fill the hole
Where his heart used to be, lies a burning coal

Watch falling stars as I count the wishes
11:11 coming fast and vicious
Eat my words tonight, yummy, delicious
If it would bridge the gap and take me the distance

Use the instant transmission
Take myself to your position
My heart's gone south
Sick of home, an empty house
Without a creature stirring, not even a mouse
Santa's not coming, yo, he skipped a house

I should shut my mouth before it gets worse
This curse came with a vampiric thirst
I'll be gone tonight when the bats disperse
But before I go, I'll leave you a verse

Thanks for everything, talking, listening
I'll be the star glistening, In the skies above
And on the cloudy days, I'll shower you with Love
If My Light Fades Out, Replace The Bulb!
Track Name: Infinitely 99 (TyRant, Jae-{krxnalege}, Mike Lawrence)
I'm about to fall asleep, fall asleep
Concentrates and IPA's, I'm into deep, into deep
I float away, cast away, fade away
Another day, another night
I'm losing sight, can't see the light
I see the dark, fall apart
Empty heart, I call it art
Lose track, retrace my steps
Empty nest, I'm feeling less
I'm still a mess, watch me rap
Run a lap, then attack and take a nap
Call me Drac, I'm Dracula
I'm back for ya, I spatula
I flip the beets, grill the meats
Got a show? Send the Deets
Details, Steer the ships, Free the sails
I live amongst the Fairy Tales
I'm Slayin dragons, Fill the flaggons
I'm Legendary, Frodo Baggins
Wield the ring, Wield the sword
Unite the nations, Send the horde
Defeat the evil Overlords
I'm TyRant from the NameLess Clan
Native to The People's Land
My music doesn't need a brand
I'm everywhere, I'm in the air
I'm on the snare, you're in your chair
I love you all, I'll always share
When no one cares, I'll always care
Track Name: Dine introspective (Jae-{krxnalege}, Larigot, DJ Beeso, Knowble Jem, TyRant!)
I wake up in bed, wrong side, love died
I cried, why lie, ain't shy, I write
I lie, I lie to myself
Misplace myself, disregard my health
In debt till death must pull us apart
Admired your art, Ever since the start
Control My Heart, Disconnect The Strings
I feel her pain, Every little sting
But still she sings, she sings for me
I don't sing for her, I let my vocals slur
I'm Lucifer, I'm Evil Lur
The Evil-lest Villain is him
You can call it sin, I plays to win
That NameLess, NameLess Ninja's In
In the Studio, At The Asterix
Here to Rock The Mic, Here to get My Fix